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The ULTIMATE Opera Baby Name Survey!

Readers, here has arrived ANOTHER installment of my summer project series. Today, we are going to pick the ULTIMATE and most popular opera baby name! Please take the survey below to voice your opinions. I can only take the first 50 answers(Well 48 because I screwed something up…) so go ahead and be the first […]

Voices in My Head: Opera Manhattan Festival in Review

Opera Manhattan is in the midst of presenting its third annual Opera Festival. After going to see the triple bill of operas, La Voix Humaine, Suor Angelica, and The Medium-three operas in which the main characters are touched by a voice- presented at the Historic Theater St. Clements, you will be craving to hear more […]

“Why The Hunger Games Would Make a Great Opera” Competition

I have just returned from The Hunger Games, the highly anticipated film, based on the first book in a series of books by Suzanne Collins. I have only read the first book in the series, and I’m planning to read the second and third when I can get a copy of them. The movie was […]

Interview with Melody Moore, Singing Prima Donna at the NYC Opera

The New York City Opera has faced countless ups and down recently, including its move from Lincoln Center, negotiating contracts with musicians, and regaining its footing as one of the great American opera companies. For those who have feared that such a special company would have trouble making its comeback should rest assured. This company […]

La Traviata to Bring 2012

Sorry you’re only hearing this now. I’ve been cleaning my room. I organized all my shelves and wound up with an entire row of opera books and DVDs. That was fun! Anyway, Traviata ended a little while ago. I really enjoyed this performance. When Calas played Violetta in the fifties, she was noted to be […]

Love, Loss, and What They Wore: The Enchanted Island in Review

Let me just start with saying, I think this is one of my better titles. Do you agree? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this post. I was fortunate enough to see The Enchanted Island in the open dress rehearsal on Wednesday. And just a quick thank you for Maryann Ford, (@fordo) who […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving my loyal subjects ;). Just kidding. I’m thankful for you this year. I appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to be a part of my life. Thank you. There’s much to be thankful about in opera this year, so I’ll name three of the things I’m most thankful for. 1. […]