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Dogeball: “I Due Foscari” at Teatro Alla Scala

Dogeball: “I Due Foscari” at Teatro Alla Scala

Luca Salsi, Anna Pirozzi, Francesco Meli, and Michele Mariotti make a strong case for Verdi’s “I Due Foscari” at Teatro alla Scala.

A Study in How We Get Young People Into Opera Houses(Without Applying Excessive Force)

As the weekend winds down, I thought you dear readers would appreciate a treat. As an assignment in English class last month, we were assigned to write a research paper about a topic of our choice. Being the operaphile I am, my choice was to examine the way opera companies are attracting younger audiences and […]

Uncovering La Wally: Part 1

Happy New Year, Opera Fans! It’s true that conversations about opera with other people are far and few between but when one does surface, I get pretty excited. That being said-and I really do appreciate these conversations- a question I get asked frequently that drives me crazy is “What’s your favorite opera?” It drives me […]