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December Divas: Renata Tebaldi’s “A Christmas Festival”

December Divas: Renata Tebaldi’s “A Christmas Festival”

Vocal concerns take a back seat in this album. It’s a showcase of all of Tebaldi’s strengths and a masterclass in phrasing, building to a climax, and telling a story with music, a capstone to a long and distinguished singing career.

December Divas: “Beverly Sills Singing Songs for Christmas 1955”

December Divas: “Beverly Sills Singing Songs for Christmas 1955”

It’s not a perfect Christmas album, but it’s a charming collection of secular Christmas music and a significant historical document from the career of a great singer.

December Divas: Joan Sutherland’s “Joy To the World”

December Divas: Joan Sutherland’s “Joy To the World”

Sutherland manages to shape the familiar phrases of classic carols into something truly unique, and her bright, ringing voice communicates all of the joys of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!

Merry, merry, opera fans! Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today! I wish everyone a FANTASTIC day! Here’s a Christmas card I thought you could all enjoy.😉 And since it wouldn’t be Christmas without some opera, here is a pretty perplexing but nonetheless awesome rendition of “Feliz Nvaidad” from the Three Tenors:And here is just one […]

A Christmas Eve Tradition

Hello opera fans, Many of you are probably celebrating Christmas tomorrow, and that makes tonight Christmas Eve. Regardless of how and where you spend Christmas Eve, my favorite Christmas Eve tradition is snuggling up in my bed and watching the NYC Ballet/Balanchine Nutcracker, followed by the first two acts of Puccini’s La Boheme after the […]

Celebrate Christmas at the Met Opera Shop… What?!

Now for a totally random and partially insignificant announcement of the day: The Met Opera Shop has put their Christmas Items on sale just in time for Halloween… Wait, what?! Among new items are a charming yet grossly overpriced(The thing is 3 inches tall and $58. That’s more than a lot of people’s trees.)Pagliaccio ornament. […]

Non Piu Andrai Toy

My four month old cousin received this gift for Christmas. I’m one of those “if the toy annoys you, hide it or throw it out the window” people, and this was refreshing to hear. Not all children’s toys will make you want to jump out a window… Enjoy! And this is my first YouTube upload… […]


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