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The Old Ball and Chain: “Fidelio” and Beethoven Lieder at Caramoor

The Old Ball and Chain: “Fidelio” and Beethoven Lieder at Caramoor

While this performance was cast to perfection from top to bottom, the success of Sunday’s presentation was due in no small part to the incredible Leonore of Elza van den Heever, her first performance of the part.

General Angst: “Aureliano in Palmira” Arrives at Caramoor

General Angst: “Aureliano in Palmira” Arrives at Caramoor

Clocking in at nearly four hours and receiving a uniformly committed and capable presentation from the Bel Canto at Caramoor forces, this Rossini rarity is a fine example of the young composer’s music that would only tighten, both musically and dramatically, as his career progressed.

Nuns ‘n Roses: Dialogues des Carmélites at Caramoor

Nuns ‘n Roses: Dialogues des Carmélites at Caramoor

On July 25th, the Caramoor Festival presented the second and final of its Bel Canto at Caramoor operas for the 2015 season, Francis Poulenc’s 1956 opera and love letter to the Catholic Church, Dialogues des Carmelites. The opera, performed like a play set to music without formal arias or ensembles, tells the story of the […]

The Yellow Rose: La Favorite at Caramoor

As an audience member, it’s very easy to see an opera, especially one performed in concert, enjoy it, and think, “Why isn’t this piece done more?” Often, there are some clear reasons why. Sometimes it’s staging difficulties with what an opera calls for. Sometimes it’s a part that poses specific casting problems. Donizetti’s La Favorite, […]

It’s Jest a Hunch: Caramoor’s “Rigoletto” in Review

After a hugely successful initial performance and an even more polished second performance of their first opera of the season, “Lucrezia Borgia”, Caramoor had big shoes to fill with their second and final opera of the 2014 Summer Festival season, “Rigoletto”. While the bar was set high, “Rigoletto” had trouble measuring up in a few […]

Special Opera Ticket Offer from Caramoor

Caramoor has a special offer just for Opera Teen readers, and it’s pretty hard to resist! The summer music festival in Katonah, New York is offering a discount of 20% off of the ticket price for both of this weekend’s operas. All you need to do is enter the promotional code “POTD” at checkout under […]

Like Mother Likes Son: “Lucrezia Borgia” at Caramoor in Review

For a New York opera fan, the summer months can seem long and boring. Between May and October, there aren’t many places to hear great music without having to travel far. Fortunately, Caramoor, a music festival situated in Katonah, only about an hour from New York City, can be counted on to provide a well-appreciated […]

Audra McDonald at Caramoor in Review

On this blog, most of my reviews of performances from Caramoor have been reviews of their semi-staged opera performances like Ciro in Babilonia, I Capuleti e i Montecchi, and Les vepres Siciliennes. However, on Saturday night, Audra McDonald come to Caramoor as a stop on her tour. While she has tons of accolades to her […]

Bells are Ringing: Les vêpres siciliennes at Caramoor

Blood, sweat, and tears are essential to making opera happen. However, on Saturday, July 6th, it was the audience that contributed the sweat. On Saturday, Caramoor presented Verdi’s Les vêpres siciliennes as the first part of their 2013 Bel Canto at Caramoor series. At Caramoor, there has been a consistent tradition of high quality concert […]

The Results of the Opera Teen Caption Competition!

About a month ago, I tasked you fair readers with providing a humorous caption for the below picture, from I Capuleti e i Montecchi at Caramoor staring Kate Aldrich and Eglise Gutierrez. Now I know I promised to have the results a few weeks ago, but I got bogged down with all the Opening Night […]