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Uncovering La Wally: Part 1

Happy New Year, Opera Fans! It’s true that conversations about opera with other people are far and few between but when one does surface, I get pretty excited. That being said-and I really do appreciate these conversations- a question I get asked frequently that drives me crazy is “What’s your favorite opera?” It drives me […]

Happy Anniversary to Ailyn Perez and Stephen Costello

First off, HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY to whom I consider to be opera’s cutest couple! I hope they have a fantastic day together. Second: Now if you follow me on twitter, you may notice how often I give you my opinions on things, whether you want them or not. One of the things you may hear […]

I’m Not Dead!

So I have been absentee for a little bit. I’m sorry for that, and if anybody thought I was dead, (it has happened before) rest easy. I feel guilty though, I haven’t created a real post in quite a while, so I’ve decided to give you a present. (If that’s what you’d like to call […]

Opening Night at The Metropolitan Opera!!

I know I’m not alone when I say I anticipate this day all year. It’s opening night at the Met!! Even more exciting, we are hearing the premiere of Anna Bolena! With Anna Netrebko! I know that Anna Bolena is not standard repetoire, but seriously, the Met shows random production all the time but they […]