Sony Classical Plans New Recording of La Traviata with Peretyatko, Alagna, Hvorostovsky, and Domingo

New York- Sony Classical to release new complete recording of Verdi’s original, first edition of La Traviata with Olga Peretyatko, Roberto Alagna, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and Placido Domingo.

Sony Classical plans the release of the first commercial recording of La Traviata before Verdi’s edits after the 1853 premiere. Russian soprano Olga Peretyatko will sing Violetta for the first time. Alfredo Germont will be sung by Roberto Alagna and Dmitri Hvorostovsky will sing Germont Père. Star tenor Placido Domingo will continue to add to his ever-expanding repertory as Flora Bervoix, Barone Duphol, and Flora’s dinner-announcing servant.

After a disastrous premiere in Venice in 1953, Verdi substantially reworked the opera after its premiere, and it opened two years later to great acclaim in Vienna. The 1953 version is rarely shown in opera houses, even though there is an abundance of music Verdi, himself, called “Splendid… Possibly the best music I have ever written.”

Peretyatko will be singing Violetta for the first time in theaters in 2015, but she feels ready to take on the part now. “I am very excited to sing Violetta. For me, it is one of the great parts ever written in any opera, ever.”

Alagna and Hvorostovsky are also excited to participate in this unearthing of La Traviata, with each adding, respectively, “I am very excited.” and “I cannot wait to start recording.”

After over forty years of singing some of opera’s most challenging roles on the main stages of the world, Placido Domingo is excited to take on new roles in this recording. “It is a great joy to sing these roles. I have always found Flora and her cast of characters very interesting to the story. To have the chance to bring them to life is a blessing. I have been working very intensely with my voice coach to access the upper falsetto register required for this part, and I think the public will be very pleased with the result. They will not recognize my voice!”

The recording will feature the Orchestra and Chorus of the Royal Opera House under the baton of Placido Domingo. The planned release date is April 1st, 2015.

For more details, contact Gretzl and Shears Public Relations



2 comments on “Sony Classical Plans New Recording of La Traviata with Peretyatko, Alagna, Hvorostovsky, and Domingo

  1. Haha that would be fun to hear Domingo cover all those roles. That would leave Violetta as the only role he hasn’t sung. Maybe next April 1st!

  2. ERROR..Domingo will sing “La cena e pronta’ transposed down an octave….The role ofFlora will be sung by La Cieca…and the doctor will be the great Carlo Handelmani,making his return..

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