Opera Teen on the Airwaves

Hi opera friends!

Courtesy of WQXR

I come today with some super exciting news! As I have alluded to on Twitter, my “big news” is that last week I had the honor and privilege to record a piece along with my answers to some fun, opera related questions for the Tri-State area classical music radio, WQXR. My piece will during the 11:30 Eastern time this week during the “Operavore Show” on Saturday, a half hour program by WQXR that takes a look at opera around the country and even around the world. They feature interviews with figures hailing from all parts of the opera world such as singers, impresarios, playwrights, composers, and many more, as well as commentary from opera personalities of today!

I’m honored to be able to participate in such a special show, and I would be honored if you would all come to listen with me this Saturday. I hope you enjoy the show!

Also, you can listen to another interview with me here. Thank you and enjoy!

A picture of me recording in the WQXR studios! Photo courtesy of Brian Wise/WQXR


3 comments on “Opera Teen on the Airwaves

  1. What this very special young man is doing (and trust me, I have taught thousands of kids so I can compare),is bringing “good” music (NO BIEBER!!) to young people. I am especially thrilled,since my life has been so treasurable since age 14 because of music. Congratulations to our Opera Teen and let us hope some day he will sing Wotan!!!!

  2. If any of you young people have private cd’s of yourself9and can copy them0 and your teacher gives you permission, I would be happy to put your recording(s) on my world-wide podcast site…http://handelmania.libsyn.com.Check out my site….over ONE MILLION hits in 5 years. If you need info.write me at Placido21@aol.com
    as ever Charlie Handelman (who dated Melba)

  3. Someone looks like he’s having entirely too much fun in that picture. 😉

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