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Help Stop the Anna Netrebko Hate

Hello opera fans,

As you may remember or have known, there was an Anna Netrebko/Erwin Schrott hate account set up on Twitter. The account is an extension of a shut down Anna Netrebko hate blog. This user has consistently tweeted hateful and vicious things aimed not only at Netrebko and Schrott, but now at their young son, Tiago.

Last week, I got the good news that the account had been shut down, but today I found out the account had been reopened. It was a crushing blow to both me and some of my online friends who had worked so hard about spreading the word.

So now, I’m calling upon you, loyal followers who have a twitter account. Please report Tussi Riot for spam to make sure their hateful tirades come to an end soon.

Regardless of how you may feel about the singer, you surely understand just how hateful, vicious and frequently false the
things this account spreads are.

If you don’t have a twitter, please spread the word to friends, family and others who have access to a twitter account.

Hopefully, we can exponge this hate once and for all.

Thank you!


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