Quick post tonight! Hurricane Sandy is moving closer and closer so I’m afraid I might lose power soon.
To remember this storm, I have two pieces of music for you. The first is ‘Come Nembo che Fuggi col Vento’ by Handel, sung by Cecilia Bartoli!

In keeping with our “storm” theme, here is a piece from Thomas Ades’ opera, The Tempest, currently running at the Met Opera.

This time last year, New York was hit with another storm. A snow storm! Now for a blast from the past post I wrote back then when this blog was barely a newborn. Enjoy, and for those on the East Coast, stay safe! Even the Met has cancelled rehearsals, so this could get bad!





  1. Good luck OT! I hope you and everyone in your area stays safe during the hurricane! I’m really worried for everyone over there – If I were there, I would be panicking so much right now! Stay safe!

  2. I can’t seem to get the vocals. What am I doing wrong? Susan

  3. Cecilia Bartoli is just FANTASTIC! I’ve heard her three times in concert. Last time in Stockholm on the 17th May 2011. We went crazy! She was called back and sang about six extra numbers! After she was finished there were at least 20 min applause and several callbacks! Fantastic concert! I sat on the first row and as she walked out for the last time I managed to shake her hand … and I said to her … Well, that I will tell you in a future Bartoli-Pavarotti blog post! 🙂

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