The Music of Jane Austen

When the name Jane Austen comes to mind, I’m sure your next thought might not be music. However, the Jane Austen Society of North America is presenting two concerts this week as part of their 2012 General Annual Meeting.

The first concert they are presenting is:

Friday, October 5th
Soprano Julianne Baird
Marriott Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY
With her “extreme expressive beauty” (The Washington Post), Baird interweaves songs from the Austen family collection & other standards of the period with narrations drawn from Austen’s novels.
The second performance being presented is:
Sunday, October 7th
Vassar Women’s Chorus
Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims
75 Hicks Street
Brooklyn, NY
In an historically significant setting, the Vassar Women’s Chorus performs works based on Jane Austen texts, specially commissioned from composers, Eleanor Daley and Joelle Wallach.
Tickets for the general public are $25 and tickets for students are $20 for both performances.
For more information and to order tickets, go here.
I hope you decide to enjoy these sure-to-be fantastic events!

2 comments on “The Music of Jane Austen

  1. We hope to see YOU there! Please intrioduce yourself to us!

  2. Interesting! I’m from the same town as Jane Austen was and so we get a lot of fuss about her and her work (and lots of people wandering around the town dressed in Georgian costume!). We also have several very good classical music festivals, but I haven’t heard of anyone putting the two together before! I like the idea

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