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Pre-Performance Post

Lemme just say that I love Will and Margret’s banter. So far, to preface the performance, we have heard interviews from:

  1. Anna Netrebko: She gave a really interesting idea about her portrayal of Adina, and about how she “Can’t feel love”.
  2. Bartlett Sher: He said exactly what you thought he’d say.

Debbie Voigt interviewed:

  1. Renee Fleming: She says dying in every one of her operas is a joke but we still love her.
  2. Janai Brugge: Recent Operalia winner who is currently 5 months pregnant. congratulations to her!
  3. Carmen Giannatasio: She’s making her debut this weekend in Il Trovatre and both young singers are “nervous”.

WE HAVE SOME CELEBRITIES IN THE HOUSE! (I’ve never heard of a lot of these people)

  1. Amare Stoudemire
  2. Patti Smith
  3. Courtney Love
  4. Pat Stewart
  5. Rached Drecht(Is that how you spell it?)
  6. I assume Martha Stewart is there. She’s there every year.

Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott on the Red Carpet:

I’ll be back at intermission to update you some more! Sit tight! and enjoy the performance!

Listen live here.



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