Happy Anniversary to Ailyn Perez and Stephen Costello

First off, HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY to whom I consider to be opera’s cutest couple! I hope they have a fantastic day together.

Second: Now if you follow me on twitter, you may notice how often I give you my opinions on things, whether you want them or not. One of the things you may hear me talk about is how Perello(The Ailyn Perez/Stephen Costello celebrity couple name I just made up.) are my favorite operatic couple. Below are only three reasons(So many more!) why these two are changing opera for the better:

  1. They’re young. They are part of a new generation of opera that’s looking good, sounding good, and getting it right. The face of opera is getting botox and the wrinkles are going away thanks to young artist like Perez and Costello. Costello is already a well established Met singer and Ms. Perez is making her Metropolitan Opera debut as Micaela in Bizet’s Carmen in 2014. She is already a well established ROH singer.
  2. They’re out there. Both singers have an active and interesting Twitter profile. Recently, Costello’s twitter was featured in an article for WQXR by Olivia Giovetti about the best classical music tweeters online. Also, these singers frequently give interviews about their artistry, their work, and their relationship. They get those questions a lot.
  3. They can sing. Both of them. Both of these singers are Richard Tucker Award Winners. This is probably the most prestigious of American opera awards. The prize is awarded to one singer each year for their outstanding artistry. Ms. Perez was this year’s winner, and Mr. Costello won in 2009. Other winners include Renee Fleming, Joyce DiDonato, Deborah Voigt, Lawrence Brownlee, David Daniels and Patricia Racette. The prize, $30,000, is very prestigious and culminates in a concert in a concert in November in New York City. This is arguably the best evening of music in New York. I was REALLY hoping to go this year but I’m out of money and if the tickets aren’t already sold out, they’ll be gone by the time I make enough money.(Sad face)

Recently, WQXR did an interview with Richard Tucker Winners, Past and Present. The interview would be perfect if it wasn’t marred by the host, Naomi Lewin(Who is fantastic on the radio) who was so awkward it made the whole thing awkward to watch. There’s a link to the page with the video below:

WQXR Richard Tucker Winners Interview

Opera is filled with other couples as well. The Brangelina of opera-Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott(I think they’re married by now…)do concerts and a few Elisir’s at the Met later this season with Netrebko as Adina and Schrott as Dulcamara together.

Some other fantastic operatic couples include:

  1. Conductor Andris Nelsons and soprano Christine Opolais, who is making her met debut as Magda in La Rondine next season.
  2. Coloratura soprano Eglise Gutierrez and baritone Burak Bilgili.
  3. Soprano Mirella Freni and Bass Nicolai Ghiaurov.
  4. Tenor Fabio Armiliato and Soprano Daniela Dessi.
  5. While they’re not Married, Baritone Michael Rice and Mezzo Jenny Rivera(Host and panelist of the fantastic OperaNow! Podcast. Highly recommended listening.) are a great couple and Ms. Rivera is expecting a baby soon, as evidenced by her twitter feed.
  6. Soprano Diana Damrau and Baritone Nicolas Testé
  7. Soprano Patricia Racette and Mezzo Beth Clayton.
    These two made the most adorable “It Gets Better” video from the Met and you can watch it below.

Another fantastic WQXR Operavore article about operatic couples can be found here.

Yeah. I went there. I left Gheorghiu and Alagna out on purpose for two reasons.

  1. Angela Gheorghiu irks me in every way possible. I don’t like her tone and I don’t admire how she cancels all the time and uses cop outs at every turn.
  2. I know they’re back together now but it changes every ten minutes. They confuse me.

So there you have it. Just a small number of great operatic couples.


Sending y’all out with a video about today’s lovebirds, An Operatic Love Story:

P.S. A HUGE thank you to Ruth Elleson, a friend across the pond and expert on anything ROH for helping me compile this list and giving me countless other singer couples. Follow her on Twitter here.


7 comments on “Happy Anniversary to Ailyn Perez and Stephen Costello

  1. I had not really been exposed to either of these singers. I loved Costello in Anna Bolena last year….but haven’t heard Ailyn Perez before. Thanks to the YouTube video now I’m even more impressed with Costello and have a new soprano to look out for!

  2. But they are not married!!! Netrebko succeeded in wrecking a family, she had already tried doing so with Villazon, his wife threatened filing for divorce if he didn’t cut off the affair with Netrebko. And then she succeeded with Schrott, who was married to another woman. Netrebko is just a marriage wrecker. But Schrott & Netrebko are not married and „their” baby is not even his….

    • I don’t know where you got that from, but I am almost certain it is NOT TRUE. And judging from you Twitter page, your opinion of anything to do with Netrebko is biased and inaccurate. It really upsets me that there are people like you who want to be so malicious and horrible. I’m not a Netrebko fan myself but the way you abuse her is just way out of line. No wonder the poor woman doesn’t want to use the internet.

  3. Thanks OT! Somebody had to say it!

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