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Confusion in ITunes Land

Hello opera fans. Now I don’t normally do short little posts like this, but I would like to tell you all about something weird(and possibly funny) about the ITunes opera selection.

So as you may have noticed, the Met has added some of their HD broadcasts to Itunes. Now, you can enjoy a performance for more than the price of MetOpera on Demand and a day at the movies combined. Yippee!
In an effort I assume is used to make more money, they have added an HD option or when and if you want to but these broadcasts. Please look below for an example.

A snapshot of the Carmen transmission available for purchase on ITunes.

Please draw your attention away from Elina Garanca almost getting stabbed(Or seduced… He could go either way) by Roberto Alagna and to the things in red I so lovingly circled for you. Here is my confusion:

  1. The program specifications at the top of the page next to the rating say the program is in HD.
  2. The cover picture for the film says it’s in HD.
  3. The purchase and rental column says you must pay more for the HD option.

So does it come in HD or not? What does it even mean?


Now a lot of you may say this is insignificant… I got some of that when I posted my Dessay Traviata Ad revelation but c’est las vie. Enjoy and be wary of your Met ITunes purchases, dear readers. I fell into the trap and bought the Madama Butterfly… Because it was awesome.

That is all.



One comment on “Confusion in ITunes Land

  1. I may be wrong, as I do not use itunes, but my guess is that when you order it without “hd” it will be just standard definition/ie. downgraded. And when you pay the premium it would be in hd. I know when I watch HD on the Met Opera On-Demand if my internet connection is lousy (which is too often) the picture quality will go down too…I’m assuming this would be comparable.

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