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Seven Day Opera Challenge: I am Papageno, Bob, And Hoffmann

Sorry for my prolonged weekend absence, but nonetheless, the Seven Day Opera Challenge has been going strong. On Friday, I was suggested Papageno from The Magic Flute! Here are my Papageno activities:

  1. I whistled like a bird the whole day.
  2. Listened astutely for the bells.
  3. Kept quite for a portion of the day.
  4. Other stuff I’m too tired to remember

On Saturday, I was suggested Bob from The Old Maid and the Thief by Menotti. This was really interesting actally because I had never heard of this opera and it was really cool to learn about! Here are my Bob-isms:

  1. Had to solicit stores for a family fundraiser.
  2. Stole a bite of my brother’s chocolate bar.
  3. Looked up escaped convicts.(Never doing that again…)
  4. This opera is hard to pin down so there wasn’t much for today.

Finally today, I was Hoffmann from Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann. This was the second time I was assigned a Hoffmann character this week… Interesting:

  1. I wrote a speech.(Writing vibe)
  2. Looked up Kleinzach. Interesting place…
  3. Looked for stars. (Get it? Stella…?)

So tomorrow is the last day of this Opera Challenge and believe me, it has been a challenge and a TON of fun!

Tweet me my FINAL character tomorrow @OperaTeen and see who I can be!



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