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It’s Time to Play the Music, It’s Time to light the Lights: The Muppet Show/Sesame Street Opera Master Post

The classic children’s shows Sesame Street and The Muppet Show have been on for years! Fortunately, opera has played a good part in shaping young children’s minds into a generation of successful learners and classical music appreciators. Famous opera stars have appeared on these programs over the years in some EXTREMELY famous pieces(C is for […]

The ULTIMATE Opera Baby Name Survey!

Readers, here has arrived ANOTHER installment of my summer project series. Today, we are going to pick the ULTIMATE and most popular opera baby name! Please take the survey below to voice your opinions. I can only take the first 50 answers(Well 48 because I screwed something up…) so go ahead and be the first […]

My First Opera Experience

For both my way of getting more in touch with you, the reader, and as my entry for The Operarox Livestream tomorrow, I want to tell you all about my first opera experience. *Disclaimer!* I have a really good memory and this will act as a personal “diary” entry to remember this event. There may […]

Seven Day Opera Challenge: I am Papageno, Bob, And Hoffmann

Sorry for my prolonged weekend absence, but nonetheless, the Seven Day Opera Challenge has been going strong. On Friday, I was suggested Papageno from The Magic Flute! Here are my Papageno activities: I whistled like a bird the whole day. Listened astutely for the bells. Kept quite for a portion of the day. Other stuff […]