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Seven Day Opera Challenge: I am Gianni Schicchi

As suggested by my darling mother(Hi Mom!!) via Twitter, my character was Gianni Schicchi, from Puccini’s opera of the same name. Schicchi is actually really fun to be in the mindset of. Enjoy this clip of Gabriel Bacquier below:

Since I’m super tired, here are some of my Schicchi-esque activities today.

  1. Spent a little extra time in my Italian class today. My teacher is AMAZING!
  2. Researched sawmills and villas in Florence… Somehow that gave me Olive Garden as a Google option…
  3. Wore a bracelet.(In the opera, the punishment is to have your right hand cut off. That’s what bracelets feel like to me…)
  4. Read through the Inferno Wikipedia page, which Schicchi is based off of.

People need to start giving me characters that are in more than one act or a short opera!

Tweet me tomorrow morning @OperaTeen with your character selection!


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