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Seven Day Opera Challenge: I am Octavian

So today, as prompted by phantomunmasked on Twitter, My opera set of mind today is Octavian Rofrano. Octavian is the lover of the Marschallin who presents the engagement rose to Sophie(a young aristocrat) from the Marschallin’s cousin, Baron Ochs. While doing so, he falls in love with Sophie and he leaves the Marschallin for Sophie in a pretty awesome trio. Watch it below.

So Octavian is a familiar enough character so I shouldn’t have to do a big debrief about him. Here were my Octavian like activities today:

  1. I carried a piece of foliage in my pocket all day.
  2. I walked up every set of stairs I encountered with some fancy flair.
  3. I gave my friends chocolate(Chocolate is mentioned in the opera)
  4. I played with my little sister(Get it? The younger woman;-) for a little bit)

Those were some of my more memorable Octivities from today. Enjoy and tweet me me next character tomorrow!!!


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