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Seven Day Opera Challenge: I am Spalanzani

For the first day of my Seven Day Opera Challenge(Read about it here) MoNahwi tweeted to me first, telling my person of the day to be Spalanzani. So today, I had to go about my daily activities with a little Spalanzani in my step. Let’s refresh ourselves on who this relatively small character is:

  1. I am the builder and “father” of the mechanical doll, Olympia in which Hoffmannfalls in love with.
  2. Copellius was my former partner.
  3. I sold Hoffmann a par of glasses to fool him into thinking Olympia was real.
  4. I gave my hardworking assistant a worthless check.
  5. I play the lyre in most productions.

Being a character whose only appearance is in one act of an opera with so much more to offer, and the fact that his character is not nearly as significant as the others is hard. During the act, we don’t learn much about this character. I had to go on the fact that he worked on his coloratura machine a long time, and that he cheated his partner out of a load of money. This brought me to a really self centered person. One of those self centered brainiacs. Here are some of he things I did with Spalanzani in mind today:

  1. Bossed around my little sister. 🙂
  2. Did some experiments in the kitchen. (Cornstarch and water)
  3. Wasn’t as helpful as I could have been.
  4. Spent a lot of time on my computer and IPhone researching machines and how they work.
  5. Made my best attempt at being antisocial.

So that is my Spanlanzani day in a nutshell. Tweet me who I should be tomorrow starting at 12 am tonight! Who will I be…?


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