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Seven Day Opera Challenge

Hello readers!

Alright. As another “2011-2012” is dead project, I’m challenging you all to challenge me. Each day for the next seven days, someone will tweet me an opera character(Preferably male… Wait… It has to be male) and that person’s emotions and actions will be my motivation for the day through small activities.

Example: Don Giovanni

I may show my mother/sister/aunt/grandmother a little extra love 😉
I’ll boss around my brother. Maybe even make him wear a cape…
I’ll have a glass of sparkling cider.
Full ability to listen to/hum and Don Giovanni piece.
I’ll speak to a statue. If you dare me to, trust me, I will.

After each day is done, I will blog about my experiences and how I incorporated opera into my day that day. The Twitter gates open at 12 am for that day so you better get ready with your character for tonight! I will pick the first person who tweeted me in the morning when I wake up.

This is just a fun little project to help bring opera in to my day yet ANOTHER way. I hope we both enjoy this!

Tell me what you think!

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