Opera Premiere List And Project Explanation

For my first “try not to die of boredom because 2011-2012 is dead and school is still in session” project is to make a list of most standard repertory opera premieres, with some more eclectic ones thrown in. I figure that once this list is functional, we can celebrate and remember the premiere of each of each opera as it happened. It’s a cool “this day in history” piece as well.  This is the first installment of my summer project.

What is this summer project, you may ask?

The awesomeness of this project is too much for me to Handel! (Did it on purpose)

My goal is to create, by the end of the summer, an all inclusive opera calendar that includes opera premiere dates, singer’s birthdays, opera house openings, singer’s deaths, and composer’s birthdays among other things. I may or may not physically make and/or sell the calendar. I’ll probably post it here for y’all to see. I figure that it will be a fun and interesting summer project we can all learn something from.

So here is the first installment of my calendar. The opera premieres.  I will update you with the information as I gather it.

You’ll be surprised to see how many premiered in December. I know I was.

And as always, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me at operateenblog@gmail.com with and questions, concerns, or factual errors.  I will get then fixed as soon as possible!

Click on the “The Opera Premiere Calendar” below to take a look! I hope you all enjoy!

The Opera Premiere Calendar

2 comments on “Opera Premiere List And Project Explanation

  1. Don’t forget Montreal in your premiere dates !

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