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A Lonely, Operatic, Valentine’s Day

Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, married couples, and everything in between. There is is also no doubt that love in opera pretty much sets an entire story in motion, all the time. So opera and Valentines Day put together is an endless love- fest. Good thing it’s only just one day!

One thing people seem to forget though, on this amorous day, are the people who aren’t in a relationship. This has spurned the popular Twitter hashtag, #foreveralone. Many people seem to forget those who are “forever alone” on Valentine’s Day. So here is where opera comes in. Instead of celebrating love in opera like so many blogs are doing, I’ve decided to remember those who don’t “Feel the love.” on Valentine’s day. That was inspiration for today’s post. Opera, meet the unloved and lonely.

So I’ve decided to included critical moments in the lives of characters in opera who are unloved, or who just want love but are deprived. Let us begin.

A lonely opera character we have met recently would be Amneris. She is in love with Radames but the feelings are not reciprocated. At all. Awkward. So she keeps on loving, then he dies in the end. This girl is definitely not the villain.

Our next miser has a reason for being totally alone and unlikeable. This is Scarpia. Yes, the Scarpia of Tosca. This man has shown true evil, but he spends the entire opera in pursuit of a woman who kills him. Does she have good reason? Yes. Bu I still feel bad for the ultimate villain.

Sticking with the Italian vibe, we also have Rigoletto, the original sad clown. i’m not sure if Rigoletto was once married when he had Gilda, but someone loved him. Temporarily. He will be alone forever because he is rather sinister in how he deals with people. Total conspiracy theorist.

In Anna Bolena, we have the little ball of hormones Smeaton. Smeaton loves Anna, but there are NO feelings back. Here is Smeaton’s only aria, a message directed to the Queen. His aria starts at about 2:30. Enough said.

That’s all I was able to rangle up tonight, but I’m sure there are MANY more!

Did I leave your favorite operatic loner out? Email me at operateenblog@gmail.com and I’ll make sure to add him or her or it.

Happy Valentine’s day!


One comment on “A Lonely, Operatic, Valentine’s Day

  1. Or there is the love that you thought you lost but he’s really just hiding in a stable watching you put flowers on his grave for a little while. The scene where they see each other again is so beautiful though… But still, the whole hiding in the stable thing is a little awkward. (aka Handel’s “Rodelinda” 🙂 )

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