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Manon Island!

L’elisir D’Amore was live from Bavaria this afternoon. I don’t even want to talk about it. In my opinion, it was really bad. The singing was good. The production, vomit worthy.

Let’s move on to something a little more pleasant to wash that out of our heads.

Imagine this: You are on an island with seven recordings of the Gavotte from Manon. You’re hungry, tired and in need of great music. But first, you must ga”vote” for your favorite rendition.  When you have chosen a winner it will receive it’s own post, lifting you up from your tired little island. Do you understand your mission?

In the spirit of Manon, coming out in March, I’ve decided to have a Gavotte off! I’ll post some well known Gavottes, from Massanet’s Manon, and you, my ever faithful audience gets to vote on your favorite! In the spirit of competition, why don’t you also send me your name and name of your favorite singer as well for a chance to win the 100 Great Operas by Henry Simon book giveaway! Only one week left for a chance to potentially exclaim to your friends and family “Vittoria!”! No prizes for this Ga”vote” but I’d love to hear what you all are listening to!

Let’s get started.

My first Gavotte is by my favorite diva, Anna Netrebko, from Berlin, courtesy of Onegin65:

Our second Gavotte is by Renee Fleming, a well known interpreter of the role, courtesy of gabex17:

Our third Gavotte is rendered by Natalie Dessay, famous French coloratura soprano, courtey of coloraturafan:

This next Gavotte is done by La Divina, herself, Maria Callas, courtesy of MariaCallasLegend:

The fifth Gavotte is by Beverly Sills, a renown interpreter of the role, courtesy of beverlysills (If you don’t want to hear the chorus in this clip before Manon sings, skip to 1:30):

The next Gavotte is sung by Edita Gruberova, courtesy of fleurdefeu57:

The final Gavotte from Manon is sung by Catherine Malfitano, courtesy of tenore23:

Vote for your favorite Manon below.  If you think I left a notable interpretation out, email me at operateenblog@gmail.com.


One comment on “Manon Island!

  1. Great post. I enjoyed all the clips, OperaTeen.

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