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What a fantastic day! Anna Netrebko is an extremely obliging diva and such a fine singer as well! I spent much of today in line, to even catch a glimpse of her. The Met handled the event so well!

We started our time at the Met in the garage. The one deep in the bowels of the world famous opera house. I assume people were sitting down since fifteen minutes of wondering if we were even getting in ended with a massive shift in the line. We then moved up to the stairs and waited for a while the shop was prepared.

After about thirty minutes of waiting, a pink jacketed, black haired woman appeared appeared at the bottom of the escalators, who just turned out to be Anna Netrebko. People didn’t realize this since she was one third way up the escalator though, but once they did, she was met with much enthusiastic applause and shouts of “Hello” of “There she is!” or my personal favorite, “Brava!” (Emphasis on the “a”, please burn this into your heads people. Bravo for men, brava for women) She finally arrived at the top and went inside the store for preparation.

Soon, groups of about twenty people were let in to purchase Netrebko memorabilia and various CD’s and DVD’s, season books and other related things. Then, it was a line around the store to get to Anna Netrebko siting at a table at the front.

So the line went on for about twenty minutes as many other anxious fans were actually in eyesight of her. Finally, it was my turn. I had brought a magazine picture for her to sign. We had seen signs that it was only CD’s to be signed, but i figured it I just brought the picture anyway she would at least have a choice. Luckily, it worked and Anna signed the picture. On top, of signing all my CD’s, DVD’s and Season Book, where she wrote a really nice message. We took a picture of her (You weren’t allowed one with her) and we went on our merry way. Which was by the way, quite merry.

I had a wonderful time in New York today and I just loved the experience of meeting someone so special. And stopping in the charming trattoria of Il Violino. (My usual pre-opera place) I ordered the pasta carbonara, highly recommended.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time and Anna Netrebko is truly charming. I hope everybody can have an experience as special as this one. Live in HD this weekend!

Opera Teen


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