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What Stinks About Being Young….

You want to know what stinks about being young? You have to go to bed. Early. Because of this apparent fact, I will only be reviewing up to now in the opera. I’m sorry. So let’s get started.

To start, I love the direction. Interestingly enough, though, I’m not there. I’m sure others can hear characters climbing stairs and running up and down the stage. It sounds really cool and interesting. I like a feast for the eyes as well as the ears at the opera, so I hope to be able to see this in HD. Peter Mattei is fantastic. You can hear the deep undertones in his voice that keep the audience at the edge of their seat, and in stitches at times too. He seems like a perfectly fit replacement.

Leporello, the servant, more appropriately, flunkey, is also fantastic. Leporello is supposed to be embody comic relief in opera. He is comic relief and the fact that the audience laughs every time he opens his mouth is a good sign.

Now I don’t know who, but I think it could be Marina Rebeka who sounds like a good Maria Callas recording. She has the same “creak” for lack of a better word in her voice. Now it’s a very nice voice, but I don’t think it’s beautiful.

Barbara Frittoli is always a delight. She’s a good actress, and a good soprano. The Met needs to stop humiliating her by casting such an able gird as Michaela in Carmen… She could do much more!

Anyway, I have to go to bed now! (He said begrudgingly)

Opera Teen


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