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Sorry About That…

I’m so sorry to let anybody down who was hoping for a La Boheme review last night. Tuesday nights are just really busy for me. By the time I got home, the opera was over. I was super bummed out. I’m sorry about that.

I do have a feeling though, that we will have the opportunity to hear Boheme again soon. Sirius ran Nabucco at least four times (Probably more) this season, so I assume they will run the most popular opera of today at least once more. We can only hope…

So… as you may know, tomorrow is Turkey Day. T-Giving, (Said in hip, and “with-it” circles) Thanksgiving. The great American holiday. Now, if you’ve been to kindergarten, you know that Thanksgiving is a day to express what you are thankful for to whoever will listen. Nice idea, I think.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about what I’m thankful for in opera. Things like great recordings, singers, performances. The whole nine yards.

What are you (general population of blog readers) thankful for regarding classical music? What are your favorite recordings? Singers? Performances? Tell me tomorrow… Or today… Or whenever. I’m thankful for you all who read my blog. I really appreciate how you take time to make me part of your day. I’m one lucky opera fan 🙂


P.S. What’s Thanksgiving without a parade? I’ll be trying to post a review of Macy’s march tomorrow but no promises. I might be busy cooking. (My pumpkin pie ain’t bad ;)) Thanks!


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