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As you all may know, the Met has been reinventing Wagner’s Ring Cycle. (Das Rheingold, Die Walkure, Siegfried, Gotterdamerung) Now only having gotten really involved with opera a few years ago, I haven’t really touched on Wagner. Now we all know he is a master composer, but his music is like a two year old child. It’s intense and requires a massive amount of attention. This being said, I really haven’t given any of Wagner’s music much attention, which I regret everyday. Wagner takes a while though, so I’ll have to begin brushing up.

Now that you know that, I’m sorry to say that I am bowing out of reviewing tomorrow’s performance of Siegfried. I know very little abut Wagner’s music, and I have not at all followed the Ring Cycle that was begun last season. I would feel it inappropriate for me to comment on music I know so little about. I will be reviewing Satygraha though(Assuming it’s on the radio. Wish me luck. That piece looks crazy) so that’s in about 10 days. In the interim, I’m going to try to post some non-performance related posts. Maybe a CD review or some news from the opera will come about. I guess we’ll see…

Sorry about Siegfried, and I’ll make more of an effort with Wagner. I promise.

Opera Teen


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