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Rodelinda Vs. Theodelinda

So, last year my family and I took an amazing vacation to Italy. We went to Venice and Milan(Having been to Rome previously) And we had an amazing time!

My grandfather is Italian, in particular from Monza, a charming suburb outside of Milan, home to the vacation palace of the Italian king, when there was one. (No Berlusconi, Yeah!) So, one of Monza’s claims to fame, besides being at one point the richest city in Italy, is the Iron Crown in the cathedral.

So, we bought tickets to go see said Iron Crown and the rest of Monza’s cathedral, which is quite pretty. The Iron Crown was used to crown many kings and is relatively famous for being a gold band with jewels. (Aren’t all crowns like that?…) Well the Iron Crown was bought to Monza by a princess, by the name of Theodelinda.

Theodelinda was Queen of the Lombards for a period of time and she helped spread Catholicism to Lombardy. Being a Catholic, I found this interesting. Having a mother who passed the religion down to me from her parents, one of which is from Monza was also interesting and made me wonder. (I made a correlation! Gold star!)

To make a long story short, ALL they talked about was Theodelinda. Everything in the adjoining museum was about her work, her achievements, her life. It was crazy. I mean she should be respected. She should be venerated but to this scale?! It was definitely interesting…

So, ever since hearing about Rodelinda, I assumed her and Theodelinda were one in the same. Yesterday, I found out I was wrong. (Boom. That was the sound of my mind being blown) Rodelinda was also a Lombard Queen, just a different one.

Anyway, Rodelinda tonight with a review to follow! I’m excited! Renee Fleming!

Opera Teen


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