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Poor Anne Boleyn…

Wow… intermission just began and I am just blown away. That was really spectacular. Wow. Just wow. Anna Netrebko is just spectacular. She just has a beautiful voice and I feel like I am listening to the court of Henry VIII. I just can’t speak. It was just amazing. Gubanova was also incredible. She has more of a “floaty” voice as opposed to Garanca’s voice. But I just can’t believe how convincing it is!

Anne Boleyn must be an insanely difficult one to play. She can be played as totally melodramatic, which makes her sound guilty. She can be played as stupid beyond belief, which makes her seem confused, and it just isn’t as interesting. Finally, she can be played as a victim of circumstance. That’s how Anna plays her. She plays her with a taste of ambition, which is the real Anne Boleyn.

They say that nobody is the villain in this piece (Well, I think Henry VIII is…), but I feel that is very true. We have Rochefort who just wants to protect his sister. We have Percy who can’t seem to control his passions, and then we have Smeton. Smeton reminds me of an awkward teenage boy. (wink-wink) He has this “crush” if you will, (I hate that word…) on Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn though, doesn’t get this “vibe” from him, but she gets it very directly from Percy so my guess is, that she feels comfortable around Smeton. That is why he loves her so much. He loves Anna for who she is.

Jane Seymour is not innocent. She even admits she’s sneaking around and she needs to examine the chain of command. She sets the story in motion. She then feels remorse. That is her karma, that didn’t come back earlier or hard enough. Because of her selfishness, Anna has to die because her husband hates her so much.

It’s very easy to see that Henry VII has feelings to her. He doesn’t hate her I feel. I think he just loves Giovanna more. He uses the trivial gesture of dropping a locket, to get what he wants. He knows he’s the king and he uses it, and everybody knows it. Interestingly enough though, he has no aria. But we don’t need to hear an aria from him. He isn’t a pensive person. Thus, he has no thoughts. This is why we hate him. He just speaks. He doesn’t think, about Giovanna, about Anna, and about the drama he has just set in motion.


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