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Placido Domingo: My Favorite Roles Review

This morning, I finally had enough time to watch PBS’s new documentary on Placido Domingo’s operatic triumphs. It is an in depth look Placido Domingo’s favorite roles…you probably guessed that though. I found it very interesting and informative.

I like Placido Domingo. He is a considerably better actor than Pavarotti (there, I said it!), I mean Pavarotti’s voice is in a totally different class, but Domingo is an extremely close second. The documentary is a short recap of his life, followed by about twelve descriptions of his favorite operas, and a select aria from each. This was the only thing that bugged me. I wanted to hear more of his commentary than the entire “Cielo e Mar” from one of his performances. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a beautiful piece, but did we need to hear all of it?

It was interesting to hear about how many roles he has sang though. 131 to be exact. That’s pretty impressive. I know people who don’t even know 131 words. I try not to associate with said people… Anyway, normally these documentaries are put up for viewing on the Great Performances website but if not, they are sometimes aired again since it only premiered on Friday…


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