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Opening Night Closed…

Well, what an end to an opera. I have never heard of anything like it, but needless to say, I really enjoyed it. Anna Netrebko plays Anna Bolena to perfection (As well as Violetta, Manon, Lucia… amongst others) I do have some misconceptions I must address though.

Giovanna Seymour isn’t so evil after all. She really dug herself out of a hole towards the end. She did her best to keep Anna alive, and she really showed her true colors. It was the King’s response though. He didn’t become angered at her for speaking out. This further emphasizes that he didn’t care about anybody else and about Anna, or even Giovanna. This shows how he will do anything to get what he wants.

I think the piece that moved me most though, was Percy and Anna’s duet-aria-hybrid-thingy. I found him so sincere in his wish for Anna to choose a different path it was heart wrenching. You could feel the betrayal in his voice and once he got through to Anna, she wishes she had made a different decision too. Her ambition killed her though. In a way, she stepped into a hornet’s nest, while running barefoot. In this twisted metaphor, maybe Percy could have been her shoe…


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