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My Big Day

Ciao. I just recently returned from a fun day at the Big Apple Circus, which is conveniently located right next to the Met… It goes without saying that I did anything to get a minute to stare at it or go inside.

So, my excursion started with going inside to register for the Student Ticket Program. They said I have to do it online, but the man on the phone said I had to do it in person. I rarely have a reason to be on the upper west side of New York City, so tomorrow, my afternoon will be spent on the phone, talking to customer care and hearing “Let me direct you to the next representative” about seven times… Fun. But, until that happens, I’ll tell you about my experiences today.

So, we went in to the box office during the intermission of Nabucco. It was nice to see most people dressed nicely. There were many older people sipping champagne outside and I thought that looked really sophisticated. (While parking, we saw one of the violinists entering the building) I briefly stared down a kid that appeared to be younger than me and moved on. I went briefly into the Metropolitan Opera Shop and was able to answer a question for a confused shopper. I got the brief death stare from one of the employees but otherwise it was fine.

I wasn’t able to buy anything so I left, semi-disgruntled, at not getting registered for this program, but I enjoyed being inside and poking around in the store. The Met is definitely my NYC happy place.

Big Apple Circus is really fun for families! I’ve only been to the circus once before so this was a nice refresher. We had popcorn, cotton candy, the whole nine yards. They had some fancy acrobatic dogs, a capybara (Definitely not my favorite animal) and some trapeze family. It was terrifying to see them flying up into the air, grabbing each other, flipping. They were fine in the end but I was terrified. It looked amazing, but scary.

It gets dark so early these days I was surprised that It was so dark when we got home… I love this season though.

Even though I’ve been to New York City countless times, I still decided to take advantage of the tourist moment and skirted around Lincoln Center with my camera. I was surprised at how well I blended in with other people taking pictures too. Here are some of the ones I took.

I’ll be reviewing Rodelinda on Monday. (I’m so excited for that) So until then.

Opera Teen



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