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La Fille du Regiment

Sorry, once again for being so late with this review. I volunteered to help with the church Christmas Pageant so my job is to help control kids aged 4 to 7. I love to help but that took a chunk out of last evening, so I couldn’t post a review.

La Fille du Regiment was on Monday. I hope you got a chance to listen to those THROUGH THE ROOF high C’s, done so nicely. Brownlee was the highlight of the cast for me. This is such a classic bel-canto role. All the high notes, all the coloratura, like Ramiro in Cenerentola, or Almaviva in Barbiere. They all sort of fall into the same “group”. Brownlee stole the night. It’s hard for any singer, of any vocal range to match Tonio in this opera. The role has 9 high C’s. Count them, nine! One, two, three, well if you’re actually a reader of this blog you should know how to count that high. He has a very clear, lyric voice able to handle the coloratura of the role.

And now, the prize for the most role on the floor, laugh-out-loud comedy goes to Kiri Te Kanawa, and the Duchess of Krakenthorp. That was such a funny role I can’t even tell you. When she is meeting with the Marquise of Berkenfeld, and the Marquise is telling her about her banquet, the Duchess says, “Sweet heart, don’t be stingy with the Dom Perignon” I think that could even make Scrooge giggle. (I’m keeping with the Holiday season vibe. It’s how I get festive.) What a great job done by an operatic mainstay.

The one thing that bummed me out was Nino Machaidze. There wasn’t “comedy” in her singing. She didn’t show much vocal color, and made such a comedic role almost boring to listen to.

Maurizio Muraro was also pleasant to listen to, taking on the role of Sulpice. He delivered comedy and order to the “eager” 21st regiment.

Another wonderful night at the opera. Hansel and Gretel on Friday. I hope you all listen.


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