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It’s Been a Long Week

I’m sorry to let you all down like this, but I’m barely awake. It was just a long week. So, I decided to turn in early. So, I will post my opinion of the opera up to now.

I don’t really like Angela Meade now. Her voice isn’t full and lustrous the way Netrebko’s, Fleming’s or Voigt’s. The deepness isn’t there. I don’t know the musical terminology, but it doesn’t sound right. I do however think, that Meade is a great singer. Maybe this role isn’t the best for her, but I think she might grow into it or her voice will become “darker” in time. She will one day be great.

Costello was disappointing on opening night, but I think he has really puled through. He has a really nice voice, that fits Donizetti quite well.

I was bummed out by the woman who sang Giovanna. She sounded dull. I had never heard of her before now. But in her big duet with Henry, I think she really delivered. It was enjoyable to listen to.

Alright. I’m going to sleep since it was a long week and sleep is important. I wish I got more of it… (Nerd Power!)

Opera Teen


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