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How to Get The Most Art Out of Mozart

Hello. (Clever title don’t you think?) This evening, I will be reviewing the Barber of Seville, after many promises. I’m finally not busy! And, Rodion Pogossov will be singing Figaro. Even thought we love Mattei, we will have to manage. But anyway, I wanted to start this afternoon with a post that wasn’t totally live performance oriented.

Let’s talk about Mozart.

Mozart may be one of the most beloved composers. Ever. He was just that stinking good. Now I admit that I didn’t really… appreciate… Mozart since recently. I liked him. I thought he was talented but I found the overuse of the harpsichord annoying, so I moved on to Italian and German romantic composers. I just didn’t really care about him. Looking back on things, I realize to ever succeed as an opera enthusiast like myself, I had to at least formally try Mozart. I don’t regret it.

I soon got over the harpsichord and realized it contributed to the overall feel. I now really like Mozart. Here are my steps to the recognition of an outstanding composer.

1. Survey all your options. I personally an not a fan of Mozart’s court dances. I am however a fan of his operas (You probably guessed that). There has to be at least one note Mozart wrote that entices you. Listen to a few of his pieces. Then decide.

2. Notice the world. Once I found Mozart and listened to him for a while, I realized he is all over. I won’t say his music is predictable, but it has a familiarity that is instantly recognizable. I listened to a clip of Don Giovanni the other day, and I could predict each of the notes to follow. Mozart is all around us. Realize it and credit him.

3. Enjoy! Enjoy the music you are listening to! Make choices about what you listen to, but always try to expand your horizons. If you haven’t, try Mozart. If you have, keep doing what you’re doing.

Talk to you all tonight during Barbiere di Siviglia!

Opera Teen


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