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Dynasty Theme Song

I know it’s kind of early in my blogging “life” to sidetrack from opera, but this is classical music, so it counts.

I have spent the entire day listening to the Dynasty Season 3 theme song. Am I interested in Dynasty? Not in the least. Do I love their theme song? Yes and I will until the day I die. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. (I’m sorry, that was unnecessarily aggressive, but I’m too lazy to delete it.)

When I used to visit my aunt, when she lived in her really cool loft in a place I will not mention, she used to watch Dynasty and she would play the theme song over and over again for me to listen to. Then, I forgot about it…until today! I remember cheering for the characters she liked, and then booing at the characters we didn’t like. (Cough, cough, Alexis, cough, cough.) But those were very fond memories. I don’t know if she still watches it… if she does…then I will force her to explain it all to me next time I see her.
But seriously, this is a really good piece of classical music. I really like the way the trumpet kind of leads the melody of the piece, kind of like a soap-operatic fanfare. In fact, it is a soap-operatic fanfare… (Side note: I actually play trumpet! You’ve just been enriched!) Unfortunately, I have only been able to find one track of this song on Itunes. I guess they switched to a new song mid way…but I’m not yet open to searching for it yet. It’s only been one day since I rediscovered my obsession with this piece of music. Do yourself a favor, and listen to it.


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