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While the Weather Outside is Frightful…

(Best Bing Crosby voice) I’m dreaming of a white Halloween, just like the ones I never knew (or wished to) May your days, be full of light (If NYSEG pulls through, not probable) And may all your Halloweens be snow free and bright!

Well, since winter decided to show up early without an invitation this year. And yes, we broke records. Whoop dee do.

Since this happened though, we lost power. I’m going to say it, NYSEG,the electric company is incompetent. They are so poorly managed, and now, we still don’t have power, like the rest of the area.

Well living in an old house has its benefits as well as its detriments. One detriment is poor insulation. So we began to freeze. (Thanks, NYSEG) This forced us to leave our pitch black winter wonderland and stay with some family living nearby. This means that Miami City Ballet is still on the DVR at home… And I haven’t seen it yet… So no review.

We’re going back home tomorrow so hope the power will be on… Hopefully….I have plans for Halloween so this is a double damper… (Hoping for a miracle, NYSEG) Sorry everyone!

Talk soon

Opera Teen


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